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Pure and Easy Slim

Undoubtedly, a slim, trim body can easily attracts anyone and makes you the center of attraction. That’s why we trusted Pure & Easy Slim which is a great slimming solution that contains 60 easy-to-swallow capsules in its each bottle. The formula is developed to block undesired fat from your body and suppresses your appetite. This is a far more superior solution that are only gimmick.

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This supplement is made of:

Garcinia Cambogia Extract that aids in natural weight loss process
60% Hydroxycitric Acid which blocks the extra fat from your body
Does Pure and Easy Slim Work?

The formula helps you to burn unnecessary fat from your body and assures you a natural process of weight loss. This is also known as a powerful fat blocker which works to convert sugar and carbohydrates into the fat and use it as a source of energy. The…

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Diet Ultimo – The one that wasn’t too good to be true

This is my first ever blog so excuse any mistakes i might make. Read what i thought to Diet Ultimo and the changes it has made to my life

Before i go any further i’d like to introduce myself… My name is Lisa Howe, I’m 48 and a single mother of 2 beautiful boys. I’m originally from Leeds but now live in Surrey. I saw an advertisement on Facebook for Diet Ultimo. At first i was a little sceptical as these things don’t usually work. Looking after 2 kids aswell as having a full time job brings very bad eating habits. I found myself eating alot of junk food whenever i got a spare moment to myself. My weight went through the roof and i was now a size 16, for the majority of my adult life i had never been bigger than a size 10. With the newly gained weight i no longer wanted to socialise, see family or even think about booking a holiday. Basically i was in a hole so i thought why not give it a go…

I received my Package within 2 days of ordering. I ordered both Diet Ultimo and Cleanse Ultimo and started taking them twice a day as instructed. Although i didn’t know it at the time but this was about to be the start of my new life…

Week 1

The first day of taking both Diet and Cleanse Ultimo i didn’t notice any difference whatsoever but i didn’t really have high hopes anyway. I woke up the next morning and got the children ready as usual, Made their breakfast and dropped them at school. This is usually the point when my stomach starts to rumble and i get a bacon and egg sandwich on my way into work, This morning was different. I didn’t feel hungry at all and headed straight to work. At lunchtime i was slightly hungry but not like i normally would be having skipped breakfast. I had a tuna sandwich on brown bread and that did the job perfectly. The end of the day came and it was home to do dinner for the children. After cooking, homework, baths and pyjamas on i felt i should eat something to keep my energy up. I made a light pasta meal and didn’t eat again that night. The rest of the week was the same, no cravings or hunger pains whatsoever. On the Thursday night it had been 7 days since i started so thought i would pluck up the courage to weigh myself. I looked and felt better but didn’t know if that was psychological. I was shocked, This diet pill that i had found purely out of chance on facebook had helped me to lose 8lbs in the first week.

Week 2

After the success of the first week i started week 2 as i ended week one, Gaining confidence by the day. I could see the change in the way i looked and couldn’t wait for the end of the week to come to see the results. The good thing about these pills is that there is no chance of a lapse as you have no cravings. Things were looking up and i started to feel like the old me, I even got compliments at the school gate on how good i was looking. Thursday came and i suddenly became nervous, What if it was a one off and i had put the weight back on ?! I Stepped on the scales one foot first with my eyes closed, with both feet on i open my eyes and i wish i could have seen my reaction in the mirror. 5lbs ! not as impressive as the first week but i have lost nearly a stone in 2 weeks and still felt healthier than ever.

Week 3

Time to take a shopping trip, Its Saturday and the boys are at football training so i thought i would treat myself as i was feeling trim. I hit a dilemma whilst in the shop as i didn’t know whether to risk taking a size 12 into the fitting room. Confidence was high though so i took a gamble and it paid off. The dress fit me like a glove, and i just wanted to get out there and show it off. That i did, i organised a babysitter and that night i went out for the first time in 6 months :) Even waking up with a hangover i didn’t crave any sort of junk food that i always would have before. Weighing day came but this week i wasn’t nervous at all as i had faith in Diet Ultimo now and had lost another 5lbs.

Week 4

I had taken Diet Ultimo for a full month now and the proof really was in the pudding. I was feeling and looking better than ever, i had my confidence back and just a happier life in general i only lost 2lbs on my 4th week but in total that was 22lbs in just one month. I will still continue to take Diet and Cleanse Ultimo and hope to not only maintain this but to keep losing weight until i am back into that size 10 dress.


Diet Ultimo has been a life changer for me and is available on a trial basis at the minute. I would recommend this product to anyone i will share the link below for anybody that might be interested.